Recycled Plastic Raised Gardening Beds


Mandala Raised Garden Beds

Growing your own fresh vegetables has just become easier with our innovative new Mandala "pods" raised garden beds.  The pods are easily assembled, partly filled and you are ready to plant in your raised garden bed!

The round pods are perfect for growing vegetables, herbs, berries and fruit.  Flowers and all other plants also love to grow in the round Mandala pods...... read more read more

The pods are lightweight, easy to assemble and can be delivered to your door.  They are made from food-grade, UV stable plastic.  The walls are 100% recycled and the World's First  Carbon Neutral Plastic Sheet!  

The Mandala raised garden beds are available in a number of convenient sizes to suit every situation.

Other uses for the pods include tree protector, worm farm, sandpit, feed pod, animal enclosure or storage for firewood or toys.  The catchment tray can also be used as a lid.

Great for homes, schools, retirement homes, community gardens, courtyards and  landscaping projects...The possibilities are endless.

So get a pod or two into your garden today and start growing your own fresh, organic food.   


Mandala Garden Products - "we're good to grow..."

8 Week Growing Display - "we're good to grow..."

Click below to view our 2 growing displays. For 8 weeks we show each areas growth and changes.

Area 1
These Mandala Pods were positioned next to the garage. It has sun most of the day with little protection from the western wind. Companion planting was used in each Pod. This display has 1 Multi Pod at the back and 3 Little Rippers in front.

Area 2
Area 2 is under shade-cloth in a warm protected area. We’ve used 4 different sizes of Mandala Garden Pods here. This display has 1Big Mama, 1 Multi Pod, 1 Little Ripper and 1 Mini Multi Pod.

Video: About The Mandala Garden Pod

The Mandala Pod